The Washington Student Association represents 130,000 graduate and undergraduate students in the State of Washington. As the biggest stakeholders of higher education system, we work with twelve four-year universities to build a more affordable, accessible and quality system of higher education for all students. 


The WSA focuses on direct legislative advocacy and grassroots organizing to bring awareness and change to the issues impacting current and future students. Student leaders from our campuses work throughout the year to get students engaged with state and local decision makers who impact the higher education landscape.  
We work with higher education partners and state agencies to increase investments to our universities, decrease the cost of tuition, and increase our financial aid programs. We also work on preserving the accessibility and quality of our campuses by enhancing and expanding on-campus student services that are critical to the success and retention of our students. Student services such as sexual assault prevention and support centers, mental health services, multi-cultural and diversity centers, disability resource centers, and much more are services that the WSA aims to protect. 
Our legislative advocacy is led by our team of legislative liaisons and their campus associations who work throughout the legislative session in Olympia to advocate on behalf of students. On top of each individual campus’ lobby day, student associations fund and support one student liaison to serve as their institutions' full-time student lobbyist to ensure a continuous student presence in Olympia.
During the fall, student associations and our coalition partners activate students in the political process by registering them to vote. After the voter registration deadline, we continue this work by educating students about the impact of upcoming elections and ensure that students turn out to vote.
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Meet our Staff

Guillermo Rogel Jr. - Executive Director 

Guillermo is no stranger to the world of student advocacy and empowerment. After serving as Chair for the University of California Student Association and one of UC Santa Cruz's student body presidents, Guillermo joined the Washington Student Association as our Organizing Director. Tasked with connecting students to our legislative and policy priorities he was able to travel Washington and visit students at each of our member campuses. Guillermo assumed his new role as Executive Director in April of 2017. As a proud son of immigrant parents from Mexico and El Salvador, he hopes to make our systems of higher education as accessible and affordable for all students.  If Guillermo finds free time he enjoys playing tennis or making a new to-do list. 

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