Executive Officer Transition and Nominations 2018-19

A new Executive Committee for the Washington Student Association will be electing new Executive Officers. Below is a small narrative from this year's outgoing Executive Committee and their job responsibilities. Feel free to contact each Executive Officer with any questions. Final nominations and elections will take place May 13th, 2017 at Central Washington University. Students may nominate themselves or another can nominate you. Please send confirmation of nomination, along with a bio and contact information to ed@wastudents.org


Rhianna Hruska, The Evergreen State College


As President of the Washington Student Association, I’ve had the opportunity to meet dedicated and passionate student leaders who collaborate towards the mission of accessible, affordable, and quality higher education.  This position has furthered my professional development in nonprofit administration and higher education advocacy.

The WSA President is responsible for chairing the monthly Board of Directors meetings and leading the weekly Executive Board conference calls.  For next year, the WSA President will visit more campuses to meet with students.

Vice President of Communications 

Olivia Durham, Central Washington University


As the Vice President for Communications, you will primarily work to keep all social media up to date with regard to the work that WSA as an organization and also individual campuses do on a weekly basis. This is a great opportunity to educate folks of all of the work that we as students do. This includes our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and newly, our Students of Washington blog. In this position you will also be responsible for recording Minutes at all Board Meetings and developing that document into something that is readable and reflects exactly what occurred at our Board Meeting.


In the coming years, it would be my hope that whomever occupies this position would be able to work with campuses to develop press releases, op eds, or social media campaigns, and that they would act as a great resource for all campuses involved with WSA.

Vice President of Legislative Affairs 

Nora Selander, Western Washington University


As the VP for Legislative Affairs, you will work to ensure student interests across the state are represented through the WSA legislative agenda. You will work to see that the agenda is compiled in a timely fashion and passed by the General Assembly. Next, you will see to it that the agenda is approved by the WSA Board, and that the agenda advocated on in Olympia during legislative session. During and after session, if there is any progress on agenda items, you will be responsible for reporting back to the WSA Board. In the interim you will be responsible for setting up and taking meetings with legislators who have been working with students on specific issues. Finally, you will work with the WSA liaisons in order to make sure they understand the WSA agenda and feel comfortable and ready to advocate for it.

This position is a great opportunity to gain knowledge of helping to create and effectively advocate on an agenda that represents student issues. 

In the coming years it would be my hope that whoever hold this position also communicates with organizers on each campus about how to better communicate legislative issues back to campuses and run effective campaigns on issues. This would help bring student awareness to issues and supply liaisons with evidence that students on campuses across the state are paying attention. 

Vice President of Finance

Benjamin Huff, The Evergreen State College

The VP of Finance is charged with keeping the logistical cogs of WSA moving. They make the fiscal budget, work to get it approved, and make sure it it is being following throughout the year. Annually the Vp of Finance must compile all of the organization's spending reports and work with our accountant to submit our 990 tax report. This position give a person a truly in-depth understanding of the organization, and thus gives them an understanding of realistic changes that can be made to better WSA. This position requires a lot of attention to detail and improvisation throughout the cause of the year. However that attention to detail means that the Vp of Finance will have a large authority over potential structural changes within WSA.


Vice President of Outreach 

Justin Francisco, Central Washington University 

The Vice President of Diversity helps ensure that our advocacy efforts are inclusive and open to all identities. I helped to make sure legislation that is lobbied is inclusive to all communities. Worked with college campuses to empower and encourage marginalized groups to attend and participate in Washington Student Association board meetings. Communicate with other colleges of any issues that underrepresented students are experiencing in their college campuses. VP of Diversity is tasked with leading the Diversity Committee, a call every week that address goals that pertaining the realm of equity and diversity and also planning for the Students of Color Summit. VP of Diversity is also charged with cultural competency/Micro-aggression Training for WSA members especially in board meetings or in the board retreat in the summer. Supporting organization and college campuses in their efforts for improving equality and diversity in their campus. Reaching out to organizations that represent the underrepresented students in campus to participate in several WSA Committees and attend the meetings.

Vice President of Outreach

Carlos Hernandez, Eastern Washington University 

As the Vice President of Outreach, your main focus will be to invite and aid remaining student organizations who are not in WSA to be part of our association. This is a great opportunity to grow our association and build strong bonds between all of the universities in Washington and their member campuses. In this position, you will be the bridge between university campuses and or organizations.

My hope for this position is that the next VP will be able to get all of the public university student associations and start on adding private universities under our umbrella of member campuses. I know WSA can create change for our students and I believe that the next person in this position will be able to help our association advocate for student and their campuses.


WSA leadership is comprised of an Executive Board and a Board of Directors with one board member from each student government in membership. The representative is typically the student body president unless otherwise noted in bylaws. In addition to the student leadership, we have two full-time staff. 


The WSA is also led by a General Assembly. At the twice yearly General Assembly meeting every campus has three representatives and one additional vote for every 2,500 full time enrolled students on that campus. The General Assembly meets once in November and once in May. General Assembly is where Bylaws are changed, the Executive Board is elected, the budget is set for the following year, and the legislative agenda is created.

Board of Directors

The WSA is primarily led by the Board of Directors, which meets monthly. The Executive Board and WSA staff also attend these meetings. In addition to the student body presidents, the directors of Legislative Affairs and WSA Chapter Chairs are also in attendance. 


Berkan Koroglu


University of Washington Tacoma


Berkan Koroglu was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in November of 1994. Berkan completed his K-12 education in Turkey. Moreover, Berkan arrived New York City in 2013 to complete his higher education. After a year of studying English as a second language in Kaplan, Berkan have decided to attend Pierce College Fort Steilacoom campus in 2014.Berkan received his AA degree in 2016 and transferred to University of Washington Tacoma to pursue Bachelors of Arts. He is currently majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. In addition to his education background, He has a passion of advocating for marginalized community, given his background as Turkish-American. One of his goals as ASUW Tacoma president is to create a campus where every student from different walks feel safe and welcome on the University of Washington Tacoma campus.

Katie Harris

Vice President of Legislative Affairs

Graduate and Professional Student Association 


Katie Harris is a Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology at Washington State University.  Her research focuses on the use of stone tool technology, the contexts of social interactions, and the conditions under which people choose to change their social organizations.  As an archaeologist, she has worked extensively in the western United States and Mongolia.  Most importantly, Kathryn believes that anthropology is useful beyond the ivory tower and that the time is ripe for anthropologists to become the agents of social and policy change they are primed to be.


In addition to the WSA, Katie currently serves as the Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the Graduate and Professional Student Association at WSU and as the Director of Legislative Affairs for the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students.

Emily Boyd

Associate Director of Legislative Affairs

Washington State University Vancouver


Emily Boyd is a senior at Washington State University Vancouver, majoring in Public Affairs.  Having lived in Washington State for her whole life she has seen all that this state has to offer and has developed a desire to help the state grow to serve all who life within Washington’s borders.  In her spare time she likes to travel, read, and hike.  After graduation Emily plans on pursuing a masters in public administration while focusing her studies on the issue of access to education for individuals with disabilities.  Emily looks forward to working with representatives from around the state to make higher education accessible for all who wish to pursue a degree.

Bryce Hammer

Vice President for Governmental Affairs

Western Washington University 


Bryce is a senior at Western Washington University studying History and Sociology. After moving to Washington from California, she got involved with Western’s student government through their Legislative Affairs Council. Through the LAC she has advocated for student rights on issues including voter access and education, increasing funding for student success, support for survivors of sexual and domestic assault, dedicated revenue for higher education, and civic engagement in all K-12 classrooms. She currently serves as the ASWWU Vice President of Governmental Affairs and hopes to support student advocacy efforts in any way she can. After graduation, Bryce plans to pursue her PhD in History and then use it to serve her community. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and advocating for women’s rights.

JR Siperly

Vice President for Legislative Affairs

Central Washington University


JR Siperly is a Junior at Central Washington University. He has completes his Associates in Arts from Centralia College and is currently working on his B.A. in Communications and Criminal Justice. He has previously served as the Associated Students of Centralia College President during 2013-15. JR was also awarded the “Outstanding Two Year Student Award” from the National Association of Campus Activities. He loves to fish, hunt, and being a positive role model. He plans to earn his PhD in Educational Leadership and Administration.

Camille Closson

Executive Director

The Evergreen State College


Camille was born in Puteaux, France in January 1995. After completing her K through 12 education in France, she moved to Hamilton, Montana in 2012 in order to complete her senior year of high school there as an exchange student. After obtaining her GED in France in 2013, she came back to Montana for her freshman year of college at the University of Montana in Missoula. In January 2015, she transferred to the Evergreen State College to focus on Sociology. She will be a Senior in Fall of 2016 and plans on graduating in June 2017 with a Bachelor's of Arts. She was hired in Spring 2016 as a student ambassador and the Executive Director of the Geoduck Student Union. She also works at the Evergreen Children's Center and the Student Employment's office while running an international students club with fellow students on her campus.

Tai Yang

Director of Governmental Relations

University of Washington Bothell


Tai Yang-Abreu was born in the Dominican Republic, 1993, where she completed part of her K-12 education at the Dominico-Americano, an international preparatory school based in Santo Domingo. This background provided her a smooth transition into the United States, where she completed her high school education at a public american high school in Washington. Her multi-cultural heritage and international background has led her to formally pursue a degree in Global Studies, enrolled in her final year at the UW Bothell. She previously served as a Policy Analyst for Bellevue College's OSLA, and is currently in her position as ASUWB's Director of Government Relations. Her passion and dedication for community outreach, advocacy, and grassroots lobbying will serve her hopes of returning to her home country and working to institute better democratic principles abroad. Meanwhile, she enjoys the hikes and trails her beloved state offers, and blogs about seasonal microbrewery products.

Cody Koch


Eastern Washington University


I am a senior at Eastern Washington University and is majoring in marketing, with a minor in economics. I hail from Asotin, Washington, a small wheat farming community is southeastern Washington state. I decided to attend Eastern because of its location in regards to my home, as well as its affordability. I believe that college affordability is everyone’s business. Education is the path that leads to innovation, and progress. Being a part of student government and the Washington Student Association is a great honor, and I will do my best to represent all students in Olympia, and everything else!

James Moschella

Vice President of External Affairs

Graduate and Professional Student Senate

University of Washington, Seattle


James Moschella is a second-year graduate student at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington, where he serves as the Vice President of External Affairs at the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS). He also serves as the Political Director of Student Advocates for Graduate Education (SAGE). In his spare time, you'll find him at a pub on Saturday mornings with a Boston Red Sox hat on, watching English Premier League soccer and his beloved Manchester City.

Israa Alshaikhli


Washington State University, Tri-Cities


I was born in Iraq, I moved to Syria when I was 6 years old, then I moved to Lebanon and lived there for 4 years. In 2016, my family and I moved to the United States. I'm a biology/pre-med student at Washington State University Tri-Cities and my goal is to become a neurosurgeon.

This is my second year serving in Student Government. I discovered my passion for serving the students during my freshmen year so I ran for senate and I served as the Senator of College of Arts and Sciences for a year, then I ran for president and currently I’m serving our students at WSU Tri-Cities as the Student Body President.

I’m very passionate about serving the students and I believe the best way to serve them is by collaborating and communicating with the right resources and develop our campus to be a better environment for them. Go Cougs!

Alex Wirth

Director of the Office of Government Relations
University of Washington, Seattle


Alex Wirth is a Junior in the Jackson School of International Students at the University of Washington, Seattle. Originally from La Conner, Washington, Alex previously worked in the UW student government as the Office of Government Relations Legislative Programming Coordinator. Since joining the ASUW in his freshman year, Alex has been passionate about breaking down barriers of access and affordability, and is excited to be working to improve the Washington student experience in Olympia this year!


Beyond state politics, Alex has worked with the United States Department of State and as a summer political reporter for his hometown newspaper. In the down time, you can catch Alex spending time with friends, traveling, or getting into other kinds of trouble. 


Alex is also an avid geocacher.


Paige Campbell

Director of Legislative Affairs

Washington State University Pullman


Chris Pedersen

Director of Legislative Affairs & Outreach

Washington State University, Spokane


Sam Ayeko


Bellevue College









Guillermo Rogel

Executive Director


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