2017-18 WSA Legislative Victories

As legislators in Olympia wrap up the 2018 legislative session, students at our public four-year universities have plenty of victories to celebrate. Student advocacy from across the state resulted in eleven pieces of legislation making their way to the governor’s desk. Students and allies were also able to secure millions of dollars in new funding for the Washington State Need Grant. Below is a brief description, and bill reports linked, for each legislative win of the 2018 legislative session:

SB 6029 (Liias)               Student Loan Bill of Rights 

Agency request by the Office of the Attorney General makes sure that students are protected from predatory student loan practices. 

HB 1488 (Hansen)            Dream Act 2.0

HB 1488 ensures that undocumented students who have resided in Washington for three years and graduate from a WA high school remain eligible for state financial aid. It also expands financial aid to students with U & T visas.

HB 1433 (Stambaugh)               Decoupling S&A Fees

Whenever tuition increased or decreased, Service and Activty fees were mandated by law to also increase or decrease. HB 1433 permanently decouples S&A fees and gives students on campus more autonomy over their students fees. The legislature decided to cap S&A fees increases at 4% a year.

HB 1561 (Frame)                      Open Educational Resources

Over 4 years a student will can pay around $3,600 or more for just textbooks. This bill secures $137,000 funding for grants for professors to develop free online textbooks for their course and it also funds a state coordinator to assist campus in the development of OER.

SB 6021 (Dolon)                        Same Day Voter Registration

Students can have only ten school days to regsiter students to vote. This bill allows citizens to register to vote up until the night of an election! Great victory to get more youth registered to vote. Part of the WA Voting Justice Coaltion priorties!

SB 1169 (Orwall) - Student Opportuntiy Relief & Assistance 

Our students can be subject to harsh forms of repayment if they fall into default on their student loans. This bill limits the level of garnishment from wages to pay for loans. It also disallows the suspension of professional liceneses for students in default.

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