Executive Officers 

President & CEO

Maresa Miranda, Washington State University Vancouver 

Maresa Miranda is a senior at Washington State University Vancouver studying Public Affairs and minoring in Spanish and Global Studies. Last year, Maresa served as the liaison for WSUV and lobbied full time in Olympia for student priorities. With her time at WSUV she has served as the Director of Student Enrichment, Director of Legislative Affairs, treasurer for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) club, Research Associate for the Initiative for Public Deliberation, and aiding the Strategic Partnership role in WSUVs administration. Maresa was born in Mexico City and moved to the PNW at the age of three. She has grown a passion for public service and improving our democracy. On her free time, she enjoys playing music and singing, traveling, and playing basketball. Maresa is taking her knowledge of the Washington state Legislature and applying it to her efforts as President this year.

Vice President of Legislative Affairs

Arne Nelson, The Evergreen State College

Arne Nelson is a rising senior at The Evergreen State College, focusing on economics and public policy, having previously attended McGill University.  Arne was born in Tacoma and raised in both Washington and Pennsylvania.  Raised as a Quaker and educated at Quaker schools instilled Arne with a strong sense of living life based on service to others and reaching goals through building consensus. Arne strives to help all non-traditional students have equal access to post secondary educational opportunities. He hopes to one day serve in elected office.

Vice President of Finance 

Michael Scott, Central Washington University 

Michael Scott is the current serving VP for Finance for the Washington Student Association and the VP for Legislative Affairs for Central Washington University. He is a sophomore at CWU and majoring in Political Science and fashion. Michael grew up in North Carolina and moved to Washington in high school, which is where he found his love for Student Government and politics. He served as the Legislative Liaison for CWU last session and was the spearhead for the Mental Health for Student Veterans bill, which passed through the state senate unanimously. He wants to attend law school after his undergrad to pursue a career fighting for higher education and mental health in Washington D.C as a career lobbyist.

Vice President of Federal Affairs 

Anjelica Rice, University of Washington Bothell

Anjelica Rice has no relation to VP of Outreach, Rosa Rice-Pelepko, but they claim to be besties since they first met in May at our General Assembly meeting. Anjelica is currently a student at UW Bothell but she longs for the day when she can become a WSU Cougar. Her idols are Shakira and President of France, Emmanuel Macroon. 

Vice President of Communications

Naomi Grande, Washington State University Vancouver

A cousin twice removed, Naomi is related to Arianna Grande. Living in the shadows of her famous cousin has not stopped Naomi from creating a path of her own. Naomi first got started in communications work when she spoke her first words as a 3-month-old baby.  Doctors, flabbergasted by her brain power, soon studied her abilities for years. Results of that study are still pending but we know we are lucky to have Naomi as our Vice President of Communications. 

Vice President of Outreach

Rosa Rice-Pelepko, Western Washington University 

Rosa is a senior studying Environmental Studies at Huxley, the College of the Environment at WWU.  She has organized for three years with Students for Sustainable Food, and successfully worked with administration to become a signatory of the Real Food Challenge. She enjoys tennis, camping and swimming in the outdoors. Last year she worked on campus to run the 2016 Voter Registration Drive and Get Out The Vote campaigns, and increase student lobbying and contact to our legislators. She is currently the Legislative Liaison for the ASWWU, and is excited to continue Western’s involvement with the WSA and our state legislature. As VP of Outreach for the WSA, Rosa hopes to serve the students of Washington state by providing the tools and resources to connect our advocacy work in Olympia, and on campus student organizers.

Vice President of Diversity

Jose Scott, Washington State University Vancouver

Jose Scott lures the hallways of WSU Vancouver late at night in hopes of finally capturing the on-campus ghost known as "Samantha Cougar" grandmother of "Butch the Cougar".  On top of his ghost-busting career, Jose trains at the local speedway to be the next best NASCAR driver, after Lebron James. Jose hopes that he can use his position as Vice President of Diversity to diversify his skills in sports and in ghost-busting.

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