The purpose of the Washington Student Association is to serve as the official nonpartisan body of representation for all students attending Washington State's institutions of higher education. The WSA works with students, representatives, and higher education partners from across the state to advocate for a more affordable, accessible, and equitable system of higher education. Our association brings together legislative advocacy in Olympia and on-campus organizing to empower and engage students.

Issue Areas

Racial Equity 

All student should feel welcomed and safe on their campus. However, the higher education system is deeply rooted in racism and inequity. The WSA is committed to making our higher education system equitable and anti-racist. 

Financial Aid

A college education empowers students to create a healthy, just, and prosperous future for  themselves and our state as a whole. No matter our income, race, age, or citizenship, all students in Washington should have the right to quality higher education without taking on a lifetime of debt.

Basic Needs

Food, housing, mental health services, childcare, and supplies are all essential for an  equitable higher education system. No student should be hungry. No student should be homeless. All students should be empowered to succeed. 

Voting Rights 

 Students are one of the most disenfranchised groups of voters in the nation. By protecting  and expanding students rights to vote, we will create a Washington that is truly representative. 


No matter what we look like or where we come from, we believe that higher education promotes a more just and prosperous world. Accessibility exists when there are no systemic barriers preventing people from attending college/university, participating in the political processes that affect student lives, and graduating with the knowledge and development they  need to succeed.

Governing Structure

As the only student run, student led organization in the state, we believe that students should be empowered to make decisions about themselves and their advocacy. As such, our organization consists of three governing bodies.

Executive Committee

The EC consists of 6 students who manage the day to day operations of the WSA.

Board of Directors

The BoD is made up of the 15 Student Body Presidents at each of our member campuses. As a board, they oversee the organizations budget, staff, legislative agenda, and direction.

General Assembly

As the student representative body of the WSA, the GA is the most powerful board and each campus is prorated a specific number of votes based on their campus enrollment numbers.

Legislative Liaison Program

We believe that students are their own best advocates. That is why we place students at the forefront of everything we do. Our legislative Liaison program brings together 15 students from all of our member campuses to advocate for the collective needs of Washington's students.

This program is one of a kind and gives students the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience in their field that most do not have access to until well into their career. Our legislative liaisons go on to lead incredible careers as legislative aids, non profit leaders, state legislators, advocates, lawyers, and more!

Executive Committee 

Meet our incredible, 6 member Executive Committee! 

Joseph Gabriel Burke

[email protected]


VP of Legislative Affairs
[email protected]


VP of Diversity
[email protected]

Jasmine Davis

VP of Finance 
[email protected]

Glory Busic

VP of Communications
[email protected]

Marwa Aly

VP of Graduate & Professional Students
[email protected]

Our Staff

Nancy Canales Montiel

Executive Director
[email protected]

Molly Walker 

Organizing Manager
[email protected]

Yesenia Ramirez

Operation Assistant
[email protected]