Legislative Agenda 2020-21

Join our undergraduate, graduate, and professional student efforts to increase access, affordability, and diversity to public higher education in Washington State.

Legislative Liaison Program

We believe that students are their own best advocates. That is why we place students at the forefront of everything we do. Our legislative Liaison program brings together 15 students from all of our member campuses to advocate for the collective needs of Washington's students. 

This program is one of a kind and gives students the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience in their field that most do not have access to until well into their career. Our legislative liaisons go on to lead incredible careers as legislative aids, non profit leaders, state legislators, advocates, lawyers, and more! 

Each of our member campuses choose their legislative liaison's with their own unique process - usually in the fall or spring. If you are interested in being a Legislative Liaison, please reach out directly to your Associated Students Department of Government Affairs. You can find contact information below. 

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